Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pre-Elevation Stations

Above and Below: (C1575) 9/4/1913 Grove Street Lackawanna Station

                   Above and below: Grove Street Lackawanna Station, built about 1903

                Above and below: East Orange Lackawanna Station at intersection with Main Street

                                       Above and below: Brick Church Lackawanna Station

                                    Above and below: Orange Lackawanna Station

                             Above: Highland Avenue Lackawanna Station in Orange, 9/5/1913

                      Above and below: Mountain Station at Montrose Avenue in South Orange

Above: Mountain Station

Below: South Orange Lackawanna Station at South Orange Avenue

           Above: Ampere Station: original station in left, foreground; "new" pre-elevation station being constructed in right, background

                                            Above and below: Ampere station

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